An Experts Freebie Hunting Guide

Everyone loves a good freebie. It doesn't matter if its coupons and discounts or free products and samples, a giveaway can garner attention for a business and get potential customers to sit up and take notice. People don't seem to mind waiting or dealing with long lines to get a freebie either. If you are interested in scoring free products, there are a few things you need to know. And, even if you've been doing this for a while, there are always a few things you can learn.

1. Use Your best Judgement

Freebies are exciting. During the thrill of the hunt, you may forget to use your best judgement when making a transaction. Yes, the item is free, but is there something you have to agree to in order to get it? Always pay attention to the fine print. Sometimes, a freebie may not be worth the associated “cost.” Some items are simply not worth what you have to give up in return. Therefore, it is important to always keep a cool head while you are on the hunt for your freebies. Some companies are simply going to ask you for too much and you won't get enough in return. Always investigate an offer carefully. If something sounds really amazing, you should be skeptical. For example, you are unlikely to get a £100 voucher without doing something to earn it. Do your research and you'll be happy with the results!

2. Keep Your Expectations Low

Most of the time, you'll receive a sample size product for free. You are unlikely to score a full size product, although it does happen on occasion. Basically, the company wants you to get a little “taste” of the item, so that you go back and buy it later. In addition, you won't get every freebie that you sign up for. In general, you might be sent 60-70 percent of the freebies that you request. If you aren't getting as many products as you hoped for, keep trying! Before you know it, you should get regular deliveries of different items. You do have to stay on top of it all and keep applying on a regular basis. That is the only way to ensure success.

3. Ask And You Shall Receive

You never know what can happen if you send a company a written request for a product or samples. You may not hear back at all. But, if you don't try, you won't get anything. The company could decide to send you a lot of free products or they may send coupons that you can use on your next purchase. Just make sure to tell the company in your written correspondence that you really like the products they have to offer. Also, if you have a bad experience with a product, let the company know that. Many companies want to “make it right,” so they'll send you something to encourage you to continue doing business with them.

4. Enjoy Your Freebies

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. You shouldn't feel guilty because you are getting items for free. The company is doing these giveaways for a reason. Each time they send out samples, they have the potential to gain a new customer. If you like what you are given, you will probably buy it again. Therefore, the situation is a win-win for both you and the company.

5. Have Two Emails

If you are interested in getting a lot of free products, you need to set up a second email address that you dedicate solely to your pursuit of freebies. This helps you avoid getting a lot of spam through your regular account. This should be done before you even get started.

6. Be On Top Of It

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