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About Free Perfume Samples

The perfume smells so different on everyone’s skin. What smells divine on one person, smells less than appealing on another, making finding the right scent for your skin very challenging. 

Where once you could walk into a fragrance store or beauty hall and be showered in free perfume samples and beauty products to try at home, today fragrance stores have become stingy in their gift-giving. There isn’t a fragrance advisor out there that would recommend purchasing a full-size perfume without wearing it for a few hours or even days first. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves here at Wow Free Stuff to provide you with free fragrance samples of the top perfumes on the market. 

The free perfume samples we offer in the UK include free stuff from brands such as Issey Miyake, Paco Rabanne, Giorgio Armani, Michel Kors, Caraline Hererra, and more.  We also have free samples of Dior, Angel perfume, and free Guerlain perfume, these are notorious for their high price points, so free samples are more than welcome!

To claim your free perfume, simply follow the instructions on our site, you will either be redirected to another site to fill out a form, or you will need to complete a few short steps in order to claim the fragrance. Either way, it’s not complicated and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. 


Q: Does the Perfume Shop give away free samples?

A: Yes, the Perfume Shop is well known for its sample generosity, they have free Guerlain perfume samples, Flowerbomb perfume samples and more up for grabs!

Q: How can I get free perfume samples in the mail?

A: Enrolling in product testing programs is one of the easiest ways to get free samples in the mail. 

Q: How can I get free perfume samples online?

A: Using sites like Wow Free Stuff is a fast and sure way to get free perfume samples online. Wow Free Stuff will redirect you to sites and programs offering free samples and will instruct you on how to get them sent to you. 


Free perfume samples are easy to acquire online if you know where to find them. These days, you are more likely to be given free samples online than you are in store, so turn it into a fun activity and enjoy the challenge! 

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