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Free Mobile Sim Cards

Free GiffGaff Sim Card

GiffGaff is one of the largest mobile networks in the UK and right now they have a mega offer for all the UK residents. They are giving away free sim cards along with 500 minutes of talk time, 1 GB mobile data and unlimited texts. Order your sim online by filling up the form on …

Free FreedomPop Sim + 1 GB Mobile Data

Order you free FreedomPop sim today and enjoy free 1 GB internet, 1000 texts and 1000 minutes of airtime for free. This is the UK’s only service provider that offers 100% free service without any contract. Click on “GET IT HERE” button and fill out the 2 field form to see if you qualify for …

Free Alzheimer’s Guide

You can get a free Alzheimer’s guide if you happen to know someone suffering from Alzheimer or some other form of dementia. This is a 16 page guide which will answer most of your questions and concerns so hurry up and grab one today by filling in the form given on next page. Click on “GET IT …

Free TPO Sim Card (£10 Credit Included)

If you need a free sim card with credit, then The People’s Operator are offering you a free sim, with a extra £10 credit, all for free. To get this offer just click on “GET IT HERE” and add your details. The sim card will be delivered within 4 working days. Only 2 sims allowed …

Free Vodafone SIM with 6GB Data

You can get a free Vodafone PAYG sim card from Vodafone website. Get the sim card for free and enjoy the lowest call rates ever. Click on “GET IT HERE” button and fill in the form and the sim card will be sent to your mailing address.

Free Lebara Sim Card

Get your hands on the free SIM card from Lebara. You just need to mention your SIM type and then fill out the form with your details and they will send you the free SIM card at your mailing address. And when you recharge a credit of £20, you will get £5 for free. Click …

Free Sainsbury’s Mobile SIM Card

You can get a free SIM card from Sainsbury’s. They are one of the low cost networks in UK. You just need to fill up the online form with your details and address and they will post you the free SIM card to your mailing address. Upon arrival of the SIM card, you can choose activate …

Kontakt Mobile Sim Card For Free (Worth £5)

You can now get a free Kontakt Mobile network sim card for free and the worth of this sim card is £5. On top of that, you can make free phones calls for a whole year. To get a free sim now, click on the “GET IT NOW” button and you will be taken to …

Get Free Tesco Sim Card

The Tesco Mobile guys are giving a double treat. You can now get a free sim card and once you topup £15, that amount will be automatically tripled and you will get £45 credit. You can have up to 4 sim cards per household but you will have to register each one separately. To get …

Get Free Sim Card of Three Network

Three Network are giving away free sim cards which you can order online from their official website. On top of that when you top £10, you’ll get 100 minutes of talk time, 500MB of internet and 3000 text messages. The deal is ideal for those who like to get in touch with their loved ones …

In this day and age, mobile phones have become such an important  part of our lives that most of us feel like we are missing a limb when we leave the house without one. Mobile phone companies recognise this need and increase service and phone prices, probably because they know we will pay. 

Luckily, there are a few ways to get free SIM cards in the UK. Pay-as-you-go SIM cards are only sometimes free and require topping up when you run out of calls and messages. These sims are great, but monthly top-up fees can reach a high figure, sometimes even higher than monthly payment plan deals. 

SIM cards that come with a monthly payment plan are almost always free, but are tied down with yearly contracts and other agreements. This isn’t always the case and a lot of the time, if you know where to look, you will find great pay monthly deals that are contract free.

We have done a lot of the research for you and have fantastic free SIM card offers on our site. There are a collection of SIM deals for you to choose from, some come with a free balance, while others even triple your money when you top the card up. 

Sounds good right? Is there a catch? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring free SIM cards. 

Advantages of Free SIM Cards

The biggest advantage of getting a free SIM card is that it’s just that… free. No one is going to complain too much when they are saving a lot of money on something so useful. 

Most of the top mobile phone networks have made free SIM cards and SIM deals readily available to their clients. These deals require a bit of rooting around as they aren’t always advertised, but when you find a SIM with a deal that is right for you they are worth the hard work. 

Disadvantages of Free SIM Cards

You can’t always find the deal you are looking for and offers to expire after a certain amount of time. There are only ever a specific amount of SIM cards for each offer, so, if you miss the opportunity, it isn’t likely to come about again for a while.

Most of the SIM cards are capped at 3 or 4 SIM cards per household. So, if you are looking for SIM cards for all the family and there are quite a few of you, you will probably need to go with a couple of different data providers. 

Some network providers do not have great signal in every area of the country. City folk won’t be too bothered about this, however, people living in the country will struggle to find a free SIM card that will work in their area. That is not to say that it’s impossible, but less choice is available for rural areas. 

The same issue is apparent when it comes to overseas services. Free SIM cards usually have less to offer clients when they are traveling abroad and add-on data fees can get out of hand. 


Hopefully, the above information cleaned up a lot of the confusion surrounding free SIM cards. If you still have a few unanswered questions that you are curious about, the below frequently asked questions section should make things a whole lot clearer.

Q: How much does a SIM card cost in the UK?

A: SIM cards start at about £10 per month, however, this price is for a very basic plan and isn’t suitable for anyone that needs a lot of internets or to make a lot of calls. 

Q: How Can I get a free EE SIM card in the UK?

A: You can order a free EE sim card directly from

Q: Can I get a free O2 SIM card?

A: Yes, there are plenty of O2 SIM cards up for grabs, just search free O2 cards and you will be directed to a number of sites that offer free O2 sims and deals. 

Q: Can I get a free SIM card from AT&T

A: AT&T have free prepaid and universal SIM cards with no annual contract necessary. Monthly payment of  £60 or so is necessary for calls and data. 

Q: Which SIM card is the best in the UK?

A: The best UK SIM card is the one that has the most deals and offers for its customers. Vodafone O2 and 3 mobile. Vodafone PAYG SIM cards are free and have the lowest call rates. 

Q: Can you just put your SIM card into a new phone?

A: SIM cards can be used in different phones. The only thing is, some SIM cards are larger than others, and smaller SIM cards can be made larger, but large cards can’t be made smaller. This isn’t usually an issue when you swap SIM cards that are of an appropriate size for smartphones. 

Q: Can you activate an old SIM card?

A: SIM cards that have been deactivated due to missed payments can usually be reactivated as soon as the money has been paid. If a SIM card is deactivated simply because you don’t need it anymore, your service provider should be able to reactivate it easily. 

Q: How often should I replace an old SIM card?

A: Sim cards don’t need replacing unless they don’t fit your new phone or if they just aren’t providing you with the right service. 

Q: Do SIM cards expire if they aren’t used? 

A: SIM cards stay active between 60 to 120 days. If the SIM isn’t topped-up within this time frame, it expires and becomes inactive.

Q: How do I know if my sim card is deactivated?

A: It is very easy to find out if your SIM card is deactivated. All you need to do is put the SIM into a cell phone and turn it on. If the signal sign comes on, it means that the SIM is active and ready to be used, even if it hasn’t got any available balance just yet. If your mobile phone doesn’t pick up a signal, then it is deactivated. 

Q: How can I stop my SIM card being deactivated?

A: SIM cards need to be topped-up regularly in order to stay active. SIM cards on a monthly plan must be paid on time every month to continue service. Recently, some network providers have stated that users must keep their account topped up with a minimum balance to prevent deactivation. 


SIM cards are essential and necessities for our jobs and to keep in touch with friends and families. There is absolutely no need to spend hundreds of pounds on mobile phones and SIM cards when there are deals and gifts readily available at your fingertips. 

Free sims are just as reliable as any other, so getting your hands on one will only benefit you in the long run. Enjoy your mobile device, and more importantly, enjoy saving money!


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Join 300,000 other people who love the freebies we find. We'll email new ones every day.

By pressing ‘Submit’ you agree to receiving daily newsletters from us. Please read our terms & conditions and privacy policy. This information will never be shared to a third party.