WOW FreeStuff Infographic

Get free products!? Doesn’t sound that true when we read this statement and especially when the product is said to be coming for free from a very popular brand. Surf the internet and you would come across zillions of websites claiming that they can get you something for free but we always think about what would be the hidden deal in this offer or simply why would someone want to give us something for free.

Well, there is no doubt in it that there are thousands of freebie deals swimming around in the wide ocean that is the internet but how to know that the freebie you are going for or want does not come along with some hidden scheme or if you put it in simple words – is actually free! The below infographic discusses this very legitimate concern in detail.

  1. The first thing that you should notice to confirm the authenticity of a product that claims itself to be free is that are you being asked to buy something else to get the product of your choice for free? If yes, then move along because it’s not free.
  2. Are you being asked to pay the full price of a product to later get a rebate? If yes, then it isn’t a freebie either because 60% of buyers never claim their rebate and that’s what the companies bet on.
  3. Are you being asked to use a product or service for a specific period of time that is called a trial? Sorry to point it out but that isn’t a freebie either.
  4. Are you being asked to fill out a form or apply for a competition? No Sir, it isn’t a freebie either. Instead, it’s a bitter manipulation of the participants for the sake of a promotion or a survey.
  5. Have you been asked to “Just” pay the shipping fee? It isn’t a freebie – it’s an expensive home-delivery that includes the cost of that product.


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