Want To Be A Product Tester?

Product testing can be a really fun hobby in which you get out of of it what you put into it.

If you have a bit of spare time and you like reviewing products, this article is just for you.


What Is Product Testing?

Brands use product testing companies as a way to get honest feedback about their latest products. Companies select those in their member base who are best fitted to the particular product and invite them to become a part of the “campaign.” The members that are chosen will receive the products from the company in the mail so they can test and review the product. Sometimes, Other than writing reviews, the chosen members will take photographs of the product, write conversation reports, send tweets promoting the product and also post blog reports about the product on Facebook. The more activities completed by the member, the more valuable that member will be in the eyes of the product testing company.

If you love trying new things, making a difference in the consumer market, and also getting free stuff, you should consider joining some of the following companies.

Each of these companies are completely free to join.

Savvy Circle

This company is the VIP testing group within SuperSavvyMe. You first sign up for a free account with SuperSavvyMe and then you can apply to join Savvy Circle.

This company mostly promotes Proctor&Gamble products.

You can also find the e-mail address of your favorite retailer and contact them directly to see if they operate any product testing initiatives.


The fun and uncluttered design make this one of the simplest product testing website to use. They encourage maximum participation by awarding different ranks to members, starting at the level of Solitary Bee and moving up to the exclusive title of Sweet Bee. For each activity a member completes(like a tweet) that member gets one honeycomb and moves a step towards the next level.

Tesco Orchard

Tesco awards its members by sending vouchers which can be redeemed In-store. Testers also usually receive extra money off vouchers they can give to friends as well.

How to Excel At Product Testing

1. You can improve your chances of being accepted on to a campaign by answering as many survey questions as you possibly can.

2. Once you become part of a campaign, participate as much as possible to show the company have great you are at promoting. This will greatly increase your chances of being selected to participate in other campaigns.

3. Set up your own blog, a twitter account and as many other social platforms as possible. This will offer you more ways of participating and will increase your rewards faster.

4. Don’t waste time on projects that don’t interest you as this will just be a waste of your time. Wait until something else exciting for you comes along and you will enjoy putting your full effort into the project.

5. Be professional: Make sure your grammar and spelling are impeccable and your photos are nice and clear as some brands use quotations and pictures submitted by testers.

Beware of Scams

1. If any product testing company tries to charge you for membership, proceed with extreme caution. There are many free, legitimate companies you can join. There is no need to ever have to pay.

2. Check out the company’s privacy policy. If you find out that they will be sharing your details with third parties, don’t join as you will be overrun with marketing e-mails and texts that will be all but impossible to stop.

3. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Prizes promised Such as iPhones or expensive coffee machines is a very good hint that the company is trying to lure people in under false pretenses.

Have a Go At It!

Go ahead and sign up with one of the above companies to try product testing for yourself. Remember to always answer as many survey questions as possible to improve your chances of being offered products to test.

Check out some of our free product testing freebies:



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