Tips For Avoiding Freebie Scams


WOW FreeStuff is fast becoming one of the most popular UK freebie sites, we enjoy getting free things and sharing them with you and we want to advise you how to avoid signing up for scams. In fact, signing up for a scam can bring you a lot of headaches, so make sure you keep these tips in mind. They can help you avoid such scams.

Don’t Pay For Freebies

If you have to pay for a freebie, then it’s not free. A site shouldn’t be doing this. Don’t request a freebie if you have to pay for it, end of story.

Some freebie scams will say you have to pay because it’s a processing fee or it’s for shipping and handling. Once they get the money, you probably won’t receive your product and that includes anyone else who gave the scammers money. Some scammers will say they have a free trial offer, but you have to signup for other services before you receive your offer. Avoid these scams because the chances are you will not be able to cancel the free trial and your credit card info may be stolen.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!

Some freebies are not worth that much, but once in awhile there are some that are worth quite a bit. However, you will never receive a major gift. These gifts include homes, cars and so forth. Any freebie offering those are lying.

One freebie scam is when it’s claimed that you’ll receive gift cards for popular stores. These gift cards are supposedly worth hundreds of pounds, but these are scams. They just want your personal information and then they will sell it. You will never receive your gift card.


Get Freebies From Reputable Sites

Companies like giving away freebies. They want to entice you into buying their products. This is why they are always handing out freebies.

Big companies have the budgets to give away free stuff. If Chanel product is being offered, then research to make sure that Chanel is actually offering it. You’ll never get a freebie from a site that doesn’t have freebies to give out, so always research.

Smaller companies will sometimes give stuff away. However, they will usually be magnets, pens and other low cost items. If a freebie is valued at a few dollars and you’ve never heard of the company, then don’t request it.

It’s important to get freebies from reputable and reliable websites. You can find freebie communities online and find out where people have gotten freebies and you’ll learn how to avoid scams. You’ll learn a lot when you join a freebie community.

Don’t Provide Info You’re Not Comfortable Sharing

You’ll be required to submit some personal info in order to get freebies, but usually this only includes your name and address. You need to do this because you will be sent your freebies via mail. There may be other questions you have to answer, but only provide info that is necessary to get the freebie and don’t provide info that isn’t required. Non-required information will only be for marketing purposes, so don’t provide info that is not required.

Never give out your credit card information because this information shouldn’t be required. If a site says it is, then it’s probably a scam. You shouldn’t provide this information to them.

Some sites do ask for your phone number and email address. If they do, then this doesn’t mean it’s a scam, but you don’t have to provide that info if you are not comfortable with it. The same goes for other questions regarding your buying habits, household and things of that nature.

If In Doubt, Then Move On

Let’s say that you found a freebie lead via a forum you went to, and members said it is valid and not a scam. They say you don’t have to provide personal information such as your credit card, social security number and so forth, but you still don’t feel comfortable, then don’t do it. Always go with your gut.

A freebie offer can seem perfect, but if something doesn’t feel right, then move on. There are plenty of freebies out there. You want to reduce your chances of falling victim to a freebie scam, so always move on if something doesn’t feel quite right with a particular freebie offer.

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