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Signing Up For Messages via Telegram

First, download the Telegram app. This can be done via any computer, smartphone and tablet or any mobile device. Look at the app store and search for the Telegram app.

Second, set up the free account. Make sure you allow notifications during this part.

Finally click here and join our channel.

When we have new freebies, this will be the first place we turn to. You'll get alerts before anyone else when you use Telegram to get messages from us. Don't worry about spam because we will not send you any form of spam whatsoever.

Getting Telegram

Getting telegram is extremely easy and it is completely free. There is no need to pay for it, and downloading it does not take that long. All you do is download it via your phone or other device through the app store. Then you can go to our signup section and quickly signup. After you do this, you'll be ready to receive alerts when we have new freebies to give you.

What will I receive?

Any Sopost, Super hot freebies where there are limited quantity will be sent to you instantly, plus 9 new freebies each morning.

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