How To Get A Free Pet For The Day

We all love our pets but unfortunately, a family can spend a lot of money each year on food, accessories, and veterinarian bills caring for their pet and there are many different ways you can have a pet for a day without these expenses.

Here are some of our Ideas:

Rescue Centre’s

Many times rescue centre’s are understaffed and overloaded with so many dogs, they will most always be grateful for any volunteers who can take one of their dogs out for a walk. If it is possible for you to regularly volunteer your time, that will make a huge difference but just one walk with a dog would be much appreciated. The rescue centre will match you up with the right dog for you, If you prefer a long walk on a hilly trek, you will be set up with a younger, more energetic dog. Older dogs will accompany you on a short, easy stroll. If you become a regular volunteer you will become friends with many dogs but you will probably find that one special dog to settle on as a favorite to walk an d spend time with.

Rescue centers also have cat socializing where you can volunteer to play with their cats, making sure they keep in contact with a caring human so they can seamlessly fit into a family home.




The RSPCA is always looking for new volunteers. Through this organization you can agree to temporarily foster a pet at no cost to you while it waits for a permanent home. If you decide to do this, you should be aware that sometimes these pets are old and may not have good dispositions because of prior neglect or abuse. You will need patience and understanding if you choose to foster a pet and you can find opportunities for fostering close to you y going to the official RSPCA website.

Walk Neighbor’s Dogs

Anyone who has a dog can tell you that it can be hard to make time for enough dog walks into the day because of work and family duties. Offer your neighbor to walk their dog for them. More than likely they will be very grateful to you for doing that for them. This is especially true if you have an elderly neighbor that may not have the physical endurance they once had to walk their pet.


You can go to the pet sitters and dog walkers section on Gumtree and find people needing their dogs walked or their pets taken care of while at work or on vacation. You can post a free at there letting everyone know you’re available for taking care of a pet.

These are just a few of the options available to you if you are looking for a great pet to love and spend quality time with. You can also check out all our free pet stuff, we offer free dog, cat and even bird food from top brands.

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