How Can You Get Free Books?

If you’re a book lover and would like to read something that will not cost you a penny, then reading this article will surely help to provide you with an actual book and not just some e-book downloaded on your kindle. More often than not, books are good for reading one time, and then they are placed on the shelf, never moving again. Our book hunt guide allows you to understand the wonderful options of both used and new books. The following are a few places where you can get free books (both paper books and e-books).


Kobo Books

Kobo has a collection of over 1 Million e-books. You are surely going to get something very interesting to read. All books offered by Kobo Books are totally free, and if you are looking for a great book to read this weekend, you should visit Kobo and receive your free e-book of your choice, today!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has more than 4,6000 e-books in their collection. The best thing about this website is that you don’t need any special e-book reader in order to read your books. You can directly download their e-books and read it them on any mobile device you choose.

eBook Mall

The guys from eBook Mall keep their inventory up to date and add new e-books daily to their free download list. Whenever you visit their site, you will always find fresh stuff to read. They also feature promotional books, which are free for only a limited time, so if you see such a book, don’t delay, and download it before it is too late. Visit e-book Mall now to get yours!


As the name suggests, Classicly is all about classic and old books. They feature a large range of genres, from science, to poetry and beyond in their huge collection. Classicly is supplying the world of readers with some of their old favorites and the best thing about it is, you never have to spend a dime to get any of these books, they are all FREE. Visit the site now if you are a classic book lover and want free access to some of the best books anyone has ever read.


Amazon is the biggest online shopping store and because of that, their inventory on just about everything is massive, including books. You can easily find very cheap books to read at a low cost on Amazon, but occasionally they also feature books that are totally free of cost! They even some times offer either the e-book version so that you can have your book with you at all times and begin reading right that second. Or you can order the paper or hardback version to come in the mail. You will just have to do a little searching for quality free books on from Amazon. Use their search engine filters to help get you to what your looking for faster.

Borrow Books From Others

The best way to read a book that won’t cost you anything is to borrow one from a friend or family member. If you know someone who has some interesting books that you would like to read, you can ask to borrow them. We have never heard of a fellow reader not wanting to share some of their favorites out of their collection. You can give the book back to the owner after reading it or if they don’t need it anymore, you can keep it, or give it to someone else who loves to read. As they say sharing is caring, so lets start caring and spread the passion for reading incredible literature.

Local Library

It’s a no-brainer that your local libraries are a great source if you need to read a book. Visit your local library, and get a book of your interest. You can get a library card if you want to take a book with you, so that you can take home one or more books with you, just remember to return them!

These are some of the best places you are going to find free books to read, whether its online or in person. We know there are more so let us know if you know more places to get free books and we will add them to our list!

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