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Expert Ways To Save This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re dealing with a tight budget like many of us then WOW FreeStuff is here to help again. In usual, all holiday seasons of the year are a little too stressful for a lot of us and always a tight budget is to blame. You can avoid any financial disaster in the coming year by planning your spending wisely before the big day arrives. Below are some creative tips that can help you start and act wisely in terms of your finances.


Making a Budget

On an average, the total spending per household is about £800 which includes food, traveling, decorations and Christmas presents which to us seems quite insane. You should draft a rough budget of your spending for a head start and it can include how many presents you are planning to buy and how many people are you planning to invite for a dinner on the Christmas Eve. You can get some helpful insights from The Money Advice Service that offers an exclusive Christmas Money Planner tool. The tool can help you visualize the amount of money you currently have, how much you will need to save and how much overall cost certain items will have for the preparations.

Trimming Down the Budget

It can be really challenging to make adjustments after you have spent hours constructing a budget but it is important to do so when the overall cost seems a little too much. One of the things that you can do to trim the budget is look for the cheaper alternatives on your Christmas shopping list. Building new and healthy traditions is never a bad idea. It can be a little tough but it’s always fulfilling and rewarding.

Plan Where Christmas Funds Will Be Saved

Anything from a coin jar to setting up a current account for Christmas saving, it is important that your friends and family are aware of where you’re keeping your Christmas saving so that they may support the cause months before the event.


At WOW FreeStuff, we believe in buying Christmas presents for all and for people who share this love of buying presents for their loved ones, we’re the same people! Where it takes a lot of courage to do so and you feel good about the act afterwards, your funds get into a huge crisis. Below are some of the ways you can utilize to cut expenses on your Christmas presents.

Sell All Unwanted Gifts

There is good news for people who are handed over gifts that no matter how hard they might try are never able to appreciate them. People are never to blame because sometimes the gifts are so hideous or irrelevant that the receiver is unable to contemplate what to do with it. You can end your suffering of looking at such gifts. Oh, the good news is that it’s never late to sell such items on eBay, Gumtree and even Facebook. This second hand sale is not restricted to gifts only – you can also get rid of your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games, and other electronics.

Wrap Them Unwanted Gifts Up

If you don’t want to deal with the struggle of selling your unwanted gifts or items then simply wrap em’ up and forward them to the people who would appreciate them as a Christmas gift. You will be saving both time and money by utilizing this tip. Just make sure that you don’t re-gift an item to the person you received it from!

Come up with a Christmas Cupboard

This magic cupboard will be holding all Christmas goodies that you’d come across throughout the year. You won’t be dealing with a great decline in your bank balance as the big day approaches and this technique will also allow you to purchase items at ridiculously low prices which are always at peak near and during the Christmas season.

Secret Santa to the Rescue

Secret Santa is a great way for saving money on buying gifts for everyone. The game is not only popular in educational institutions and offices but a lot of families have also adopted it for the sake of saving money and making the Christmas presents more special.

Christmas Dinner

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a good Christmas dinner. Where, everyone loves eating, the preparation process is something that no one wants to deal with. For people who’ve been selected as the Christmas dinner host this year and are being worried about keeping everything in budget, below are some tips that can help smooth things up a little bit.


Bring Your Own Food

If you’re the host this year then instead of taking all the burden you can ask everyone to contribute and bring one of their specialty food. You would have to provide the basics, give the dinner table a little touch up, and everyone will get to have a great dinner that will surely be a lot more than enough. You’d be saving a lot of money as well as the leftovers, both of which sound just great. Just make sure that you work things out with the participants beforehand so there’s more diversity on the table.

Other Meat Alternatives for Turkey

Turkey can be easily replaced by chicken for the Christmas dinner as it is admired by most. Going with duck or salmon are some other great options that can be considered. And if you want to save some more, going vegetarian can be the cheapest option. You can decorate your Christmas dinner table with those beautiful Christmas vegetables that start sweeping into the market just as the season starts. If going with meat is a must then buying it beforehand and freezing it, is the way to go.

Go Buffet

A lot of you might be wondering that why’re we suggest buffet but if you trim all the sit-down meals and appetizers/starters, a buffet can be quite inexpensive. The thing that can further take the load off your wallet is if you could ask all the participants of the dinner to bring one dish for the event. You’d have a variety of meals on your table and a great Christmas dinner to celebrate.

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