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Never Miss A Freebie!

Do you find that you miss out on Facebook posts because they do not get to your news feed? You can prevent this from happening thanks to a new feature that Facebook has launched. It's called See First, and it lets you choose which friends or pages you hear about first right at the top of your news feed.

Now you can always see WOW Free Stuff freebies and news easily at the top of your news feed. You no longer have to miss out on time-sensitive deals or important news. How can you take advantage of this tool? It is simple.

You can use See First on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Here is how to get started with it:


From Your Desktop or Laptop

  1. Head to WOW Free Stuff's Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Following button (It is next to Liked).
  3. From the drop-down menu select See First.

Just follow those three steps and you will never miss another fabulous freebie offer again. Our posts will show up in your news feed as soon as they are posted.

More Freebie Tips

1. Many of the offers are first come, first served so apply for any that you like as soon as you can. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive brand new freebie alerts every morning. As soon as you get the newsletter, apply!

2. We suggest that you set up a separate e-mail address to do freebie hunts. Many brands require that you subscribe to mailing lists in order to get their freebies. You can avoid an overflow of mail in your main inbox by sending all freebie mail to this spare address.

Follow us on Twitter. We share 10 to 14 freebies every day. We aim to get you freebies first so that you can get the samples you apply for.

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