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Getting Free Perfume Samples

Perfume: We all adore it, its charming, beautiful aromas but there is a downfall to perfume, the cost of it. But with lots of free samples of perfume online, you can now have access to lots of different samples that all can be sent to you via mail. Gather enough like me, and you can flaunt a new fragrance each day. I’ve composed a list of all the free perfume samples you can have access to. Keep in mind that the bigger the brand, the more popular the freebie offer will be, so you might have to sit in tight for a month or sometimes even longer to get your free perfume sample.


Free Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood Perfume

Inspired by lovely woody aromas, these latest Comme Des Garcons fragrances are manly and satisfying. Double tap on any of the four photos on the responsive webpage to claim your free sample. You can click directly out of them utilizing the “X”. When all the provided four images are gone, you will come across a note that says “You have won a sample”. Select Wonderwood or Wonderoud, provide your details and apply.

Free Paco Rabanne Perfume

Paco Rabanne’s fragrance “1 million” for the fellas and “Lady Million” for women is hot, rough and overflows passion. The gold packaging just says bling!
In order to receive a sample, first click here, then complete a small form and apply. Be patient if it has been a famous freebie in high demand, it might even take a month before you receive your perfume sample.

Free Ghost Perfume

You can now give the new Ghost Fragrance Eclipse a try by visiting the Ghost website. Just scroll over to the third tab till you come across the “Request Perfume Sample” box at the base of the screen. Complete the form with your information and apply to request yours. I adore this appealing and enticing fragrance.

Free 212 VIP Perfume for Men

Carolina Herrera’s 212 VIP for men is inspired by the demeanor of a typical VIP man in New York; modern, exquisite and appealing. It exhibits an oriental feel and is overtly manly. To request your sample, complete a short form and submit. Be patient and wait around six weeks or less to get your perfume.

Free Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Pour Femme

Pour Femme comprises of pink pepper, lilac and amber, while Guilty Pour Homme invokes lavender, orange flower and patchouli. You will get a sample of both on a postcard when you submit your order. Complete the form on their Facebook page and you will receive your samples. I received my sample after a week or two; a great surprise from a renowned brand, in high-end fragrances.

Department Store Perfume Counters

Request a free sample from the perfume counters. They generally have a drawer filled with small perfume samples locked away. If they feel generous, they might give you some of those to test. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive so don’t be shy and politely ask for some samples. Some stores already have testing booths set up with a bottle of a particular perfume on display to spray onto paper for you to smell and take with you. Go to a department store like Debenhams, John Lewis or House of Fraser, and discover their perfume and makeup counters.

Write To Brands:

Try writing emails to perfume brands praising their range, and asking to try a sample. Write something like:

“I adore Armani, and I always use Acqua Di Gio, but I’d honestly love to try other Armani fragrances too. Do you have any free samples available? I would love to try out your different scents to test them and see which of them is the best for me. I have heard great things about [name a scent] [who you heard it from] and would love to try it for myself. It would be greatly appreciate by one of your most loyal customer, thank you.”

Attempt to add your own identity and personality in your letter or email, to make it unique to you. Don’t sound like a bland robot, and make sure the letter is grammatically correct, misspelled words, or poor writing will instantly make your letter ineffective. Don’t expect this to give you success each time, but if you give enough brands a try you are sure to receive something from at least one of a them.

We wish you all the luck in the world with getting your free perfume samples!

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