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Summer Holidays On A Budget


One of the largest myths that all of us constantly tell ourselves is that it will cost us an arm and a leg to go on holiday. Although it is true that holidays can potentially be very expensive, you do have the power to keep your finances under control to ensure that your holiday stays …

Tips For Getting Free Perfume Samples


It can be expensive to buy good quality perfume. You’ll spend a lot of money on a brand new bottle of perfume online, to find out that you don’t actually like it. This could be very frustrating experience. When you sample perfume before you buy you’ll definitely find that you can choose the perfume you …

Never Miss A Freebie!


Do you find that you miss out on Facebook posts because they do not get to your news feed? You can prevent this from happening thanks to a new feature that Facebook has launched. It’s called See First, and it lets you choose which friends or pages you hear about first right at the top …

Tips For Avoiding Freebie Scams


WOW FreeStuff is fast becoming one of the most popular UK freebie sites, we enjoy getting free things and sharing them with you and we want to advise you how to avoid signing up for scams. In fact, signing up for a scam can bring you a lot of headaches, so make sure you keep these …

How To Get A Subway Cookie For Free


Everyone is well aware that Subway is a solid option if you want a decent sandwich for lunch or dinner without having to pay too much or put it all together your self. They run a lot of deals and are always working to expand their menu and potential options for the customers. It’s not …

Healthy Freebies To Kick Start 2017


Whenever a new year rolls around, people begin to contemplate their lives and the changes they want to make to be happier and healthier. One of the most common goals that people set in January is to lose weight and to feel better each day. However, New Year’s resolutions are overwhelming forgotten about over time; …

Amazing Birthday Freebies


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh, is it on the way? Well, then Happy Birthday in advance and yes, WOWFreeStuff has got some exciting gifts for you. But before we move further let’s make sure that you’re not gonna think about getting an year older, instead about all the ways you can get freebies to celebrate your special …

Free Daily Charity Help


As Christmas is coming up, its important to think of people who are less fortunate, so we have came up with a list of free daily charity donations you can make by just a click! At WOW FreeStuff, you will find all sorts of freebies. However, what you’ll really be doing is making a difference …

How To Manage Your Student Finances


When students leave their homes for pursuing higher education, they become responsible for managing their own finances. All of the expenditures and budgeting revolves around having enough money to be spent on necessities like food, accommodation, education, and entertainment. If you are starting your university life or are planning to study away from home then …

Ways To Save Money Without Being Miserable


Here at WOW Free Stuff we love a freebie, however we’re also passionate about saving money where we can. We know how easy it is to waste money and spend it without even thinking. That is why we have put together this quick guide of easy ways to save money. No one says you have …

How To Get A Free Pet For The Day


We all love our pets but unfortunately, a family can spend a lot of money each year on food, accessories, and veterinarian bills caring for their pet and there are many different ways you can have a pet for a day without these expenses. Here are some of our Ideas: Rescue Centre’s Many times rescue …

Getting Free Perfume Samples


Perfume: We all adore it, its charming, beautiful aromas but there is a downfall to perfume, the cost of it. But with lots of free samples of perfume online, you can now have access to lots of different samples that all can be sent to you via mail. Gather enough like me, and you can flaunt …

Expert Ways To Save This Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re dealing with a tight budget like many of us then WOW FreeStuff is here to help again. In usual, all holiday seasons of the year are a little too stressful for a lot of us and always a tight budget is to blame. You can avoid …

Are You Cheap Or Thrifty? Ways To Tell The Difference


I have always considered myself to be very frugal.  I grew up in a house with a frugal mother who always reminded us to turn off all the lights, save for later and throw a jumper on.  Most important, when it comes to spending money, she taught us to never be careless. As a result …

The Greatest Ever Freebie?


Well as WOW Free Stuff are keen freebie hunters, we often come across some really great freebies, but this time we found the ultimate free item: a home! If you want to buy… no, you can’t buy something free, can you? If you want to own a house, go to Gangi, Sicily and just ask …

Want To Be A Product Tester?


Product testing can be a really fun hobby in which you get out of of it what you put into it. If you have a bit of spare time and you like reviewing products, this article is just for you. What Is Product Testing? Brands use product testing companies as a way to get honest …

5 Great Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Supermarket Shopping


Your weekly supermarket shopping can take a large percentage of your earnings. That is why it is so important that you don’t spend any more money than you really need to. The following are five great tips to help you save money on your weekly supermarket shopping. 1. Buy Supermarket Brands When it comes to …

Top Influential blogs for Parents and Kids in the UK


With so many parent blogs on the internet today, it’s hard to find the right one to follow that offers great advice on parenting, saving money or providing freebies. We have spoken to some of the bloggers and believe that these are the best parent blogs in the UK. Please check out theses incredible people …

Some Really Cool Tips To Get Free Things

helpful tips-wow

Everybody loves free thing, whether they are rich or living an average life. Although it looks impossible to get free stuff in your daily routine, look closer. You’ll see that you can actually get these little things that will not cost you a single dime. We’ve got some of the very best tips on how …

How Can You Get Free Books?


If you’re a book lover and would like to read something that will not cost you a penny, then reading this article will surely help to provide you with an actual book and not just some e-book downloaded on your kindle. More often than not, books are good for reading one time, and then they …

Tips For Saving Money On Newly Born Baby


Maintaining your budget while having a new baby may seem like an impossible job, but with our few effective tips, you will be able to reduce your child’s budget and save money, while still giving your baby the life they deserve. Here are the 5 tips that can save you lots of money on infant …

Apps That Can Make You Money For Real


With the advancement of technology and fast moving information, ways of making money through your mobile device has exploded over the past decade. There are certain mobile apps that can help make you money, and it requires no strenuous work, doesn’t that sound amazing? Possibly too good to be true, right? That’s where we come …


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