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Free Daily Charity Help

click-to-donateAs Christmas is coming up, its important to think of people who are less fortunate, so we have came up with a list of free daily charity donations you can make by just a click! At WOW FreeStuff, you will find all sorts of freebies. However, what you'll really be doing is making a difference in someone's life. If you could make a difference every day, would you do it?

There are many fantastic websites where all you have to do is click on a button. Just one click and your click will be recorded. This will then be generated into funds and go to the charities that you've chosen. It's that simple.

Where Can I Donate?

At present, there are 4 different places that you can donate to. All you have to do is click the donation button.

Removing Child Poverty

The site Care2 you can have a real chance of giving back by just clicking daily, there sponsors will donate. Its quick, free and easy which will really help the poor Children of the world. Click here to start your daily donation.

Feed The Poor

Hunger is a daily issue for one-eighth of all the people in the world today. You can help fight both poverty and hunger by simply clicking on the large yellow button. Visitors to this site have helped to feed over 856 million cups of food. Start now by clicking this link.

Free Donation For Breast Cancer Care

You can click on the large pink button to help pay for mammograms. Great care and research has been taken into treating breast cancer. Each year over 200,000 women have been diagnosed with a form of invasive breast cancer. Mammograms have been paid for by this site's sponsors and GreaterGood has been distributing them, start clicking daily here.

Free Rice Donations

You can click daily to this site, which is for an amazing cause. You have to answer a question and each question you answer they will donate 10 rice grains to a charity of your choice. You can make the rice donation here.

What's holding you back?

Bookmark these sites! Click on each of the above links once per day to help fund the research and offer these benefits to those in need.

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